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Webpower owns the ifriends network which you may have heard of. But you may not know, they also own the following: Incredible Cams, Sizzling Cams and Totally Free Cams. These sites tie in with ifriends and make money like crazy!

ifriends - internet friends network
Incredible Cams
Incredible Cams
Sizzling Cams
Sizzling Cams
Totally Free Cams
Totally Free Cams

With ifriends, you can market the site on mainstream websites as it is not only a portal for thousands of adult webcams but also doubles up as a mainstream/'friends and family' orientated chat and/or dating site. Don't fear the 'porn' factor of the sites, ifriends especially does a good job of taking your visitor's experience to that level without degrading the quality of your website. Once you start seeing the $$$$s rolling in, you really will see what I mean! ClickCash

ClickCash (screenshot opposite) is Webpower's affiliate website where you check your statistics (i.e. how much money you have earned!) and administer your account. Webpower is the name at the top of the checks but they use ClickCash as their portal for affiliates. The statistics are incredibly comprehensive and the site helps you promote the Webpower network of sites. ClickCash has over 185,000 affiliates - that says something for the program!

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