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What would I be selling?
The biggest video chat community on the planet! Think of dating sites, mainstream/adult/3D/HDTV webcams, nearly 10 million members and thousands of live rooms at any one time and you're getting close. There is so much you can promote on webpower's sites you just have to see it for yourself.

Am I right in thinking it is 'pornographic' material I'd be selling?
I can understand your concerns if you run a mainstream site and do not want children to access that kind of material. The site does have access to adult material yes, but it also has a mainstream area, which you can promote. Mainstream traffic converts like crazy with this program, and with the right promotion, your visitors will not be offended or exposed to anything of an adult nature unless they go looking for it. After having promoted mainstream sites before I found Webpowers', I can whole-heartedly say you will not find a mainstream affiliate program that pays as much as this one does with the same traffic! Mainstream links are on the best links to use page. Please sign up before adding links so you have an account code to put in them!

How do I 'sell' the services?
Simple. You sign up to ClickCash and then place links on your web site. These links can be anything you like (as long as it's true!). For example it could just be a text link like "Click here for 1000s of live webcams!", "Click here for totally free cams!" or "Chat with people around the world with webcams right now!" or you can use one of the hundreds of banners that await you at ClickCash. Once your links are on your web pages, you just wait for your traffic to click through and sign up. It really couldn't be simpler and more profitable!

Are there other ways to earn money with the site?
Yes! If you wanted to, you could become a chathost yourself and earn money per minute for appearing on the site.

I have put links up and get clickthroughs but nobody signs up. Why?
The key thing is to WAIT! Give it a few days to see if it works. If you have sent more than 500 people through your links and you still haven't seen a signup, then perhaps it is time to try a different way of promoting the sites. Until then, sit tight, it will happen! Check out my best links to use - these are links we have found to make a sale, at least 1 in every 200 clickthroughs.

I fill in the form on ClickCash to sign up and it keeps throwing up errors. Help!
Make sure your date of birth is in the correct format and has slashes ('/') not dashes ('-') between the numbers. This seems to be the biggest problem with that form.

Why does this site exist?
I wanted to help build a team of people promoting ClickCash. Once you are signed up - you can do the same thing. If you refer other webmasters to the ClickCash programme, you are entitled to a 10% bonus on that affiliate's performance. Don't worry, you still get 100% of what you are entitled to if you were referred by this site, it's just a great incentive to help build a supportive network of affiliates. To that end, I built the site also to help impart anything I have learned over the last 3 years to any webmasters I refer. You can contact me once you have signed up if you need any help at all. It's only fair and is mutually beneficial!

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