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Payouts = $40+ for FREE signups!!

Pay Per Signup
Webpower's affiliate program works on a Pay Per Signup model. This may be different from what you've seen before in that you do not get paid for every single click you send their way. You will soon realise that the signup model is much more preferable because everyone wins. You are paid weekly by check. The sites really do sell themselves, read on to see what I mean.

What counts as a 'Signup'?
All the sites you can promote are effectively FREE for your visitors to sign up to. All Webpower does is ask the visitor to validate their age by providing the details of a credit card. This card, used in creating the users' account can then be used later on for purchasing any of the premium services offered by Webpower's network of sites. The moment your visitor signs up for a free account with their card, the moment your account statistics show a signup and you are paid accordingly. Don't be afraid of promoting the sites for fear of fraud/privacy issues - Webpower are at the top of their tree, process millions of dollars of transactions a month and are in business for the long term, they are an incredibly consciensious and trustworthy company to which I have built a great relationship in the last 10 years.

Now for the fun bit!
You get paid on a sliding scale depending on the number of signups you can send in any one week. The starting rate is amazing in itself though. The following table shows the payout scale:

Number of Signups per week
$ per Signup
Example Scenario:

Your site receives 500 visitors a day. You place your links so that people will be curious enough to click them and consequently send 300 people a day to a Webpower site. Of those 300 people, 10 people sign up. If the same happened for a week, you would get 70 signups, which is $3200 PER WEEK!!

(10x$40, plus 40x$45, plus 20x$50)

Not bad for a week's "work" huh?

$50 bonus!
To welcome you to the program, Webpower will pay you $50 just for signing up. Once you have reached $250 in sales (only 7 signups!) they will credit it to your account. Nice huh!

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